Water Dumbbells

The use of Water dumbbells in general exercises or workouts is convenient and safe.  Many people today acknowledge this innovation and are starting to use them for weight lifting trainings and exercises. Water dumbbells are usually  hollow plastic containers which you can carry wherever you go and can use whenever you want as long as there is water, air or sand. Water dumbbells are not only easy to use but also easy to maintain.

What are water dumbbells?

Water dumbbells are dumbbells especially designed for  aqua exercises or water sports,  and activities.  They are used to maintain buoyancy and stability while on water and used as resistance in the water.  Water dumbbells are usually made of plastic, or lightweight materials,  like foam or PVC and PE.   They may vary in style and price depending on the manufacturer.

Kinds of exercises using water dumbbells

Upper body Toning – you can do this by doing your regular weight lifting exercises.  You can use AquaFit water dumbbells, you can buy this handheld dumbbell at $26.95 per pair. It also comes with a complete workout guide. AquaFit dumbbells provide  medium resistance for muscle toning of the upper body.

Water Aerobics with water dumbbells- this is a great way to workout with out getting sweaty and smelly. The risk of injury is also low when you do water exercises or water aerobics with water dumbbells.  The advantage of  water aerobics using water dumbbells is that you get optimum muscle toning results this is because water is denser and you don’t have the problem of gravity.   You also lose weight faster by using water dumbbells while doing your water aerobics.

Jogging exercises or running exercises  – jogging or running in water can help you lose weight and tone and strengthen your muscles faster.  It is also a very good cardio-vascular exercise.  Do this exercise for at least twenty minutes. How to do this: Tie your water dumbbells around your waist, make sure that the weights are on opposite sides.  Jog in place, use runner’s hitch to be able to stay in one place while you do this exercise.  You can also tie water dumbbells filled with sand on your wrist and ankles to add more resistance to your water exercise.  Use the smaller sizes on your wrists and ankles.

Bicep curls –dobiceps exercises while submerged in water up to the neck. Hold  your water dumbbells on both hands palm facing upward and lift up your arms until it is shoulder level, bending your elbow. Return to starting position and repeat twenty times.

Squats- do squats while submerge in water.  You can hold your dumbbells in your hands to add resistance.

There are lots of activities you can enjoy doing with your water dumbbells whether on land or in the water.  This exercises and activities are not only good in firming up your abs they also improved your overall physical well being.   You can choose from a variety of styles and colors.  The  water dumbbells varies in sizes from light weight, medium weight, to heavy weight.

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