The Real Exercise: Body Weight Workouts For Men

Sometimes, it’s not how heavy the dumbbells or barbells you carry. The more relevant question is, “Can you carry your own weight?” You can develop a lean, mean, muscular physique even without the use of any free weights or fancy gym machine. There are body weight workouts for men which can bring out those chiseled muscles that you’ve been longing for. They are practical, inexpensive, and can be done anywhere. You can even do the exercises at the comfort of your own home. They say you are your own worst enemy. Well in this case, you are your own toughest challenge.

Advantages of Men’s Body Weight Workouts

It puts a new meaning to “throwing your weight around”. Those without gym membership can no longer have any excuse not to get into shape. The exercises in this workout need no special equipment. It’s basically free. Another advantage is you get to be attuned with your body as you’ll be able to assess whether you’ve gained or lost weight. At the end of a typical six weeks of religious workout, you’ll feel lighter and stronger.

Total Toning

1)      Push Ups – Nothing says tough more than a basic push up. Drop low with your face on the floor. Keep your legs straight, your toes pointed towards the ground as anchor, and your arms clipped close to your torso. Push your self up while keeping your back straight. Tighten your abdomen as you raise your body. Do a double time if you find this exercise easy. Novices can start with 20 Work your way to a hundred.

2)      Y Squats – Who ever thought squats could be difficult? Try doing this at least 50 times. While standing, raise your arms up to form a Y. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Lower your self by squatting or sitting while maintain the Y without hunching your back. Feel your butt, quads, and abs tighten as you do 12 reps per set. Aim to do 3-4 sets.

3)      Chin Ups – You need a high, steady, level bar that can sustain your weight. Grab it with an under grip and raise your whole body up till your chin is at the level of the bar. Hold for 2 seconds, lower yourself half way, pull your self up again then return to standing position. Rest. Repeat.

4)      Press Ups – Think of it as the reverse of push ups. Lie facing the ceiling with your palms and heels supporting your weight. Keep your whole body straight. Your butt or your back should not be touching the floor. Do not over extend your elbows. Keep them partially straight in the starting position. Slowly lower your body by flexing your elbows. You will feel the burden on your arms and shoulders. Do 8 reps per set. Try to do 2-4 sets.

5)      Leg raises – Lie down on the floor with your hands on the side. Place a rolled up towel behind the arch of your lower back. Straighten your legs. This is your starting position. Contract your lower abdominal muscles to raise both your legs. Use controlled movements. To make it more difficult, you may hold your legs in 45 degrees before lowering it to staring position.

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