The Power of Kettlebell Exercises

There is one apparatus that is creating a rave of reviews on the internet because of its power to keep you in shape. You’ve probably seen it before but you can’t put a name on it. It looks like a bowling sized ball that has a handle on top and is made of iron. These are kettlebells and have been popular equipment for those who are training for weight lifting and other related sports. Originating in Russia, these ball-like apparatus are now part of the routine in gyms in the form of kettlebell exercises.

As a fitness device, these balls do not just stop with your muscles getting bigger and pumped up. It addresses other body conditioning such as stability and flexibility. Other advanced users even incorporate agility as the main attribute they work on when doing kettlebell exercises. Common exercises you can do with your kettlebells would be by swinging, lifting and throwing the apparatus. Some even do kettlebell exercises by suspending the iron ball on air and then catching it before it hits the ground. This form of exercise though is quite strenuous to the muscles that it is often categorized for advanced users.

Compared to the use of dumbbells, kettlebell exercises are more efficient in terms of developing the muscles in your body. It has been proven already that the strain your body experiences while using these exercises are more than the amount you receive with dumbbells. This strain will form your muscles faster. There are even yoga poses that you can use as a kettlebell exercise for your flexibility. The Windmill is one of these routine wherein you use one kettlebell and do the Triangle pose in yoga. You then lift the kettlebell and bend over as far as you can until you feel your glutes contract.

The swing kettlebell exercises are the most common forms of use for these equipments. It is just like lifting a barbell however you are letting the ball swing between your legs and lifting it until you can feel tension on your arms. This will work out your core muscles which stretch from your hips to your shoulder areas. Proper positioning should be observed when doing kettlebell exercises to ensure that all the muscles are stretched and worked out. There are several other exercises that you can do with your kettlebells and each exercise is guaranteed to give you results if you religiously do your exercise.

The power of kettlebell exercises doesn’t just rely on the development of your large muscle groups but also on its capacity to address the other parts of your body. With repetitive exercises using these bells, you are also exercising your heart as you push yourself to the limit and experience elevated pulse rate. When you are already running out of breath but you keep on lifting these weights, you are also exercising your lungs. Kettlebell exercises are said to be an alternative to all your other exercises combined. With just a few minutes every day, you will surely see and feel the difference on how light and agile your body can get

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