IronMaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells

The IronMaster Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbells are the latest in adjustable dumbbell sets. Their patented quick-lock design allows you to quickly and easily adjust your dumbbells from 5-75 pounds. A sturdy stand and exercise chart is included for free. They feel very much like traditional dumbbells when used. Made to last, they are 100% metal, with no fragile plastic or rubber parts. You can be assured of a safe and effective dumbbell workout.

IronMaster Dumbbell Features:

Here’s what you get:

  • A sturdy stand for your dumbbells
  • 2 chrome-plated handles with 4 locking screws
  • 24 x 5-pound plates, 4 x 2.5-pound plates
  • Dumbbell stand
  • Exercise chart

The Ironmaster “Super Bench” adjustable workout bench can be purchased separately.

Each handle weighs 5 pounds empty, locking screws weigh 2.5 pounds each,  giving you a starting weight of 10 pounds per dumbbell before adding any plates. You can load up to 65 pounds of plates onto each handle. Dimensions are 6.5 inches square and 14.5 inches long at the 75-pound size.

An IronMaster 120-pound add-on kit is available from Amazon to increase your dumbbell weight to 120 pounds each dumbbell.


  • The IronMaster adjustable dumbbells are sturdy and nicely balanced.
  • They feel and look much like traditional dumbbells.
  • The plates do not move or rattle when used.
  • A nice, compact stand is included.
  • Excellent for press exercises.
  • Their shape allows for a great variety of movements.
  • Stand up well to repeated heavy use (Built to last).


  • Takes a little more time to change the weight than some other brands; not an issue unless you’re doing “quick-change” exercises such as circuit training.

Conclusion: The IronMaster adjustable dumbbells are well-made and probably the best-looking of the adjustable dumbbells sets. The fact that the bar is never longer than the weights you are using is a huge plus when performing some exercises, such as alternate dumbbell curls.

The IronMaster adjustable dumbbells set is excellent value. They are all-metal – no rubber or plastic parts – and come with a lifetime warranty. The included stand is a real bonus.

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