Hex Dumbbell Set

Hex Dumbbell set are equipments used in body- building and strengthening exercises and for general exercises.  This hexagonal shaped dumbbell comes in different make and colors and weights.  There are hex dumbbell set that are made from cast iron, others are leather coated.  Varieties of vinyl hex dumbbell come in beautiful   colors and are becoming popular for children’s exercises as well as for aerobics.   When exercising with weights you have to do warm- up exercises first, and after exercises, you have to cool down by doing stretches.

Recommended weights for different exercise categories.

Hex dumbbell set have different weight limits for different groups.   For body strengthening exercises as well as for aerobics the weights 1 through 10 lbs. is ideal.  Medium weight hex dumbbell set is ideal for sports men like boxers.  However, if your goal is to increase muscle size and for bodybuilding, the heavier weights (50 lbs or kilos through 100 lbs/kilos) are recommended.  It is advised that you should increase your dumbbell weight gradually.  These are to avoid muscle injuries as well as bone injuries. You must also learn the proper form for lifting weights, if possible consult, or get a gym instructor.

What to do when buying your hex dumbbell set.

The first thing you have to do is to decide what kind of dumbbell   set is compatible with the exercise program you have in mind.  These will help you choose the weight limits of your hex dumbbell set.  Next, read the product descriptions and   compare features of different dumbbell product brands.  It is also important to consider the handles or bars, choose dumbbells with gnarled handgrips; this will give safety and comfort.  You can also choose dumbbells with cushioned grips or handle, especially when using heavy weight hex dumbbell set.

Where to buy your hex dumbbell set.

You can actually buy your hex dumbbell set in any sporting goods store in your neighborhood.  You can also window shop and buy online.   There are many brands available for sale.  You can buy different types of hex dumbbell set with just one click.  To be able to determine what brand suit your needs best, study the product description provided, and read user reviews.  These user reviews can provide vital information you might need to help you decide what brand of hex dumbbell set to purchase. You can also read seller reviews to know which company or distributor is most reliable.  To be able to enjoy the best deals, compare prices and features offered by different distributors.   You should make sure that what they show on pictures is what you really get.

However, before you seriously consider buying a hex dumbbell set you have to talk first with your doctor.  Wanting to be fit is of course everyone’s goal but exercising with weights may worsen other health problems that you may have.  It is always wise to consult your doctor to ensure that what you are doing is truly beneficial to your health and well-being.

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