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25 Pound Dumbbells

25 pound dumbbells (Cap Barbell Solid Hex versus Stamina Versa-Bell II 25-Pound): A Customer Review

Because I’ve been trying to add more bulk to my upper body, I started using dumbbells heavier than ten pounds. At first, when I was just starting out with my weight training, I had to start with the lighter dumbbells.

I also did a little cardio to help improve my endurance. I noticed that not only did I start losing weight and losing my love handles, but I also started seeing a few muscles on my body. However, it seems that I have reached a plateau after a few months. I then decided to increase the intensity of my workout. I asked my fitness instructor and he told me I should try investing in 25 pound dumbbells. 25 lb dumbbells would be the right kind of in-between weights as they are neither too light nor too heavy. They are just the right weight to add bulk to my upper body without making me look like I’m a weight lifting professional.

I started surfing online to look for 25 pound dumbbells. I came across two options which I warmed up to: the Cap Barbell Solid Hex 25 pound dumbbells and the Stamina Versa-Bell II adjustable 25 pound dumbbells. What I liked about the Cap Barbell 25 lb. dumbbells is that they are much more affordable than the Stamina Versa-bell II 25 pound dumbbells. However, the Stamina versa bell 25 pound dumbbells are actually adjustable; they can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 25 lbs, which means you get a greater range of weights in just one weight set.

It was fortunate that the gym actually had both the hex dumbbells and the adjustable dumbbells. Although the hex dumbbells were actually J Fit 25 lb rubber coated hex dumbbells instead of Cap Barbell dumbbells, I think they are pretty much similar. These 25 pound dumbbells are actually coated in rubber, which makes them more ideal for floors that may be damaged by steel dumbbells. These 25 pound dumbbells also come in a 6-sided hex design, preventing them from rolling all over the floor when not in use. I asked the owner of the gym and compared to the Stamina Versa-Bell II 25 Pound Dumbbells, they actually cost much less, almost half the price.

I also tried using the Stamina Versa-Bell II 25 pound Dumbbells. They can replace up to nine different individual dumbbells. The Stamina Versa-Bell is adjustable, from a weight of 5 lbs to 25 pounds. You can adjust these 25 pound dumbbells in increments of 2.5 lbs, so the weight goes from 5 lbs to 7.5 to 10 and so on. However, they are sold individually. So if you want a pair, you will dish out about $200.

What I liked about the Stamine Versa Bell II 25-pound adjustable dumbbell pair is that it saves space since it replaces many standard hex dumbbells. However, I don’t really need that many dumbbells; all I needed was a pair of 25 pound dumbbells. However, if I wanted to complete my workout, these dumbbells would be great.
To adjust the weight of the adjustable Versa Bell 25 pound dumbbells, all I had to do was turn the dial. The display window would indicate the weight change. These 25 pound dumbbells (purchased individually) have dumbbell handles weighing 5 pounds each, and they came with eight weight plates weighing 2.5 pounds each. The weight plates of these 25 pound dumbbells are made of steel and have a painted finish. They also came with a nylon weight tray.

The Stamina Versa-Bell II 25-pound adjustable dumbbell pair, in my opinion, would be great if you want to step up your workout gradually. For instance, if you want to start at 5 pounds going up to 25 pounds in, say, a month’s time, then these 25 pound dumbbells would be wonderful. However, the lock mechanism seems kind of wobbly to me since, if I do intend to buy them, I would have to adjust the weight everyday. I tried adjusting them and I have to jiggle the knobs before the weight plates slide into place and the weight of these 25 pound dumbbells is adjusted accordingly.

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