Dumbbell Handle

A Dumbbell Handle is a kind of weight lifting equipment used to hold removable barbell plates with different weights. There are many types of Dumbbell Handle and each has its own advantage and disadvantages.

Iron Company is a popular Online Store that sells high quality gym equipments including dumbbells, barbell, and weight plates. Their products are professionally made to meet high standards in weight lifting.

Different Dumbbell Handle Types for Weightlifting from Iron Company

Iron Company Regular Solid Dumbbell Handle

The regular solid Dumbbell Handle is the most commonly used handle found in gyms. It features standard metal construction, with knurled handle, and support spring collars to secure weight plates.

•    Standard 14” in length
•    Uses standard 1” diameter holes for standard plates
•    Professionally made from high density solid chromed steel
•    Uses Spring collars to support weights
•    Knurled handle design for added grip
•    Priced at $37.00 at Iron Company Online Store

Iron Company Regular Threaded Dumbbell Handle

The regular threaded Dumbbell Handle is another type of handle commonly seen in gyms. This handle features threaded construction that supports star collars that are screwed tightly when adding and changing weights. Threaded handles are more secure than spring collared dumbbell, however, a little time consuming when changing weights.

•    Standard 14” in length
•    Uses standard 1” holes to fit standard 1” hole weight plates
•    Made from High density solid chrome steel
•    Features threaded construction that uses Star collars to support weights
•    Features Knurled handle for extra grip
•    Ideal for heavier weight loads due to its more secured design
•    Priced at $39.00 at Iron Company Online Store

Iron Company Fixed Pro Style Ergonomic Dumbbell Handle

The Pro Style Ergonomic Dumbbell Handle features ergonomic grip for comfortable lifting and specifically designed for fixes style dumbbell configuration. The fix type dumbbell is the most secure type of dumbbell but is limited to its fixed weight configuration.

•    Features Rounded ergonomic handle for comfortable lifting
•    Sleeve length: 53mm
•    Overall Length: 9.93”
•    Diameter: 31mm
•    Made from top quality high density Chromed steel
•    With optional end caps to protect from exposed hex bolt
•    Priced at $57.00 at Iron Company Online Store

Iron Company Olympic Dumbbell Handle

The Olympic Dumbbell Handle features stronger and longer handle specifically designed for heavy weight lifting. The handle uses OC-06A type spring collars to support heavy weight plates. This type of handle is used for Olympic style competitions.

•    Features heat treated solid steel to prevent bending
•    High density solid steel construction to hold Olympic Barbell plates
•    Bar Length: 20”
•    Grip Area Length: 5.0625”
•    Includes 2 pairs of OC-06A spring collars with black rubber grips
•    Each handle weighs 13 lbs
•    Priced at $89.99 at Iron Company Online Store

The different Dumbbell Handle types available at Iron Company are designed to meet your weight lifting needs. All you have to do is determine the best type of Dumbbell Handle that is most comfortable and ideal for you.

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