At Home Workouts For Men

Staying Fit: At Home Workouts For Men

What does it take to have the body of the next Mr. Universe? A lifetime membership in the gym? Tons of protein shake? Liposculpture? Or even—God forbid—steroids?!

If your goal is to have a fab and fit body without the unrealistically bulging muscles you see in the movies (most of them are spray tan anyway), then there are at home workouts for men that will truly boost you macho points.


Whether you have a personal trainer or not, every workout must start with a warm up session. A brisk walk around the block or 5 to 10 minutes of jogging in place can do the trick. After the warm up, it should be followed by stretching. No, it’s not girly. It’s a necessary thing. This is to prepare your muscles for the upcoming tasks ahead. Loosen up those taut muscles, oil up your joints. Do some star jumps or jumping jacks to get the blood pumping.


The thing is, even if you only want pronounced biceps and tight pectorals, you still have to do cardiovascular exercises. It’s good for the heart and for over-all health. You don’t need an oversized treadmill or a complicated machine, you can invest in a very affordable jumping rope and start skipping. On a tight budget? Jogging on your lawn or doing a walkathon or marathon for 20 minutes to half an hour can already satisfy your day’s workout.


Free weights and resistance bands can help a lot in this department. It is sound to invest in these types of fitness equipment as you’ll be able to use them for a long time. They are not as expensive as machines but they help in toning the muscles.

With dumbbells or barbells, you can do target various muscle groups.

• Arm Exercises— biceps curl, triceps kickback, triceps overhead extension, overhead press
• Back Exercises – one arm row, bent over row, deadlift, back fly, shrugs, upright row
• Chest Exercises – chest flyes, seated shoulder press, front raises, flat/ incline dumbbell press
• Leg/ Calf Exercises – single calf raise, seated calf raise, half squat, lunges

Resistance bands are also effective in targeting muscles, either in isolation or compound. These bands can basically do what free weights can but with more flexibility. Some exercises done with resistance bands are lateral rows, biceps curls, lunges, triceps extensions, and even squats.


The core muscles—abdominals—are important develop. After all, who doesn’t want a six-pack abs?

• Ab Crunches – Lie down on the floor, with back flat and knees bent. Place your feet on the floor. Initially, relax every muscle in your body. Then focus on your abdomen. Tense your abs in raising your upper body. Keep your chin straight. Do not pull your neck with your hands. Do 20 crunches per set. Make 2-3 sets. Increase the number of reps per set to 10 or more every week.

• Reverse Ab Crunches –Lay down on your back with your knees bent, and feet planted on the floor. Place your hands under your head. Instead of raising your upper body by contracting your upper abs, let your lower abdomen do the work. Raise your knees up towards your chest. Hold for a couple of seconds. Go back to starting position. Repeat the moves 15 to 20 times.

At home workouts for men are very effective. Reserve 20-30 minutes of your time each day to get your target body. Alternate between cardio workouts and strength training. Do the abdominal exercises 3-4 times a week.

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