Adjustable Dumbbells: 2 x 100lbs. Review

This adjustable dumbbells 2 x 100lbs. set comprises two 100-pound dumbbells. These adjustable dumbbells are versatile, convenient to use and easy to store. They enable you to perform a wide variety of dumbbell exercises; simply adjust the weight to your desired  setting and you’re ready for a great workout.

Adjustable Dumbbells 2 x 100llbs. Components:

  • 16 x 10-lb. plates
  • 4 x 5-lb. plates
  • 4 x 2.5-lb. plates
  • 4 x collars
  • 2 x dumbbell handles

The dumbbell plates are made from high-quality cast iron. The weights can be adjusted in increments of 2.5 pounds, making each dumbbell adjustable from 5 pounds to 100 pounds each. No tools are required to set up the dumbbells.

Positive points of these 2 x 100lb. dumbbells:

  • high-quality materials and construction
  • versatility – can deliver a full-body workout
  • easy to assemble – no tools required
  • easy to adjust weight for all strength levels
  • additional plates can be purchased, if required
  • BONUS: resistance bands kit

Negative points of the 2 x 100lb. dumbbells:

  • need to change weights manually (no dial adjustment)
  • collars might loosen up a bit during training; check them periodically
  • chemical smell when new – leave them outside for a day or two; the smell will dissipate


These 100-pound adjustable dumbbells have more than enough weight for a full-body home workout and are suitable for all fitness levels. If you don’t mind the mild inconvenience of manually changing your weights, there can be no better adjustable dumbbells set for your home gym.

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